Electromagnetic Sensors for Soil Analysis

ASTM International’s soil and rock committee (D18) is developing a proposed standard that will provide guidance on analyzing soil for nutrients using hyperspectral sensors. Such sensors are used to collect and process information via the electromagnetic spectrum. 

ASTM member Penelope Nagel says that agronomists, farmers, agronomic service providers, laboratories and fertilizer companies will use the proposed standard (WK76672) to test soil. Fast actionable data enables farmers to truly practice precision agriculture since the cost of traditional testing is cost prohibitive on a granular scale. This technology will enable farmers to test more often and in more areas to prevent waste.

“The proposed standard will help farmers make better fertilizer input decisions that will help make food more nutritious and our water free from excess nutrient waste,” says Nagel. “The standard will also help produce higher yields and lower input costs for farmers.”

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