Fluid and Gas Transport

ASTM International’s plastic piping systems committee (F17) has approved a new standard that will aid in the manufacture of piping systems to transport fluids and gases.

“Entities and companies needing a corrosion-resistant piping system for the transport of aggressive fluids at elevated temperatures will be interested in this new standard,” says ASTM member Tom Walsh, Walsh Consulting Services. 

Fluids that would be transported by such piping include water, hydrocarbons, including crude oil and mixed phase fluids; oil field process water; brine; non-potable water; and aggressive chemicals. Gases would include methane and natural gas, among others.

According to ASTM member Tom Walsh, the new standard (F3378/F3378M) for crosslinkable polyethylene (CX-PE) pipe, will be used by the following:

  • piping manufacturers, 
  • oil and gas producers, 
  • pipeline operators, 
  • engineering design firms, 
  • piping distributors, 
  • pipeline installers, 
  • state and federal regulatory agencies,
  • industrial manufacturing companies, including pulp and paper manufacturers,
  • chemical process industry (CPI) manufacturers,
  • municipal utilities for water treatment facilities.

Walsh says that all interested parties are invited to join in the standards development work of ASTM’s plastic piping committee. 

“Committee F17 is always interested in the continuous improvement of its existing standards,” says Walsh. “As these standards are employed, experience and new applications and uses will lead to revisions and improvements. There is also the possible need for installation and commissioning practices to accompany new product specifications.”  

To purchase standards, contact ASTM International customer relations (tel +1.877.909.ASTM; sales@astm.org).

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