Inflatable Amusements Standard Updated

An update to a standard for inflatable amusements, commonly known as bounce houses, aims to enhance their safety. Members of ASTM International revised the standard to support better anchoring systems, to mitigate risks of falling near the entrance-exit area, and to emphasize the importance of trained operators.

The revision to the “standard practice for design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of inflatable amusement devices” (soon to be published as F2374-17) will improve safety requirements for newly manufactured inflatables and for commercial operators.

Revisions to the standard address key risk areas for inflatables, including:

  •        New requirements for designs of anchoring systems that help keep inflatables grounded;
  •        Use of impact attenuation materials at the entrance and exit area to help mitigate risks associated with falls; and,
  •        An expanded section on operations to emphasize having trained attendants supervise while patrons are using them.

Originally approved in 2004, the inflatables standard covers bounce houses, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses, and similar amusements used primarily by children in indoor entertainment centers and at outdoor events and parties. According to members, the standard is helpful for manufacturers, companies that own and operate inflatables, and inspection bodies such as regulators and third party inspectors.

For more information on ASTM International standards for amusement rides, please watch this video.

The subcommittee on adventure attractions (F24.61) welcomes anyone interested to help continually develop this and other amusement standards. Become a member at The next meeting of the committee on amusement rides and devices (F24) is Feb. 14-17 in New Orleans, La., USA.

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