Wakeboard Threads

A new ASTM International standard addresses size and position of thread inserts for wakeboards. The standard was developed by ASTM’s snow and water sports committee (F27).

As ASTM International member Bethany Suderman explains, threaded inserts are used to attach wakeboard bindings to the wakeboard. Each manufacturer specifies where the threaded inserts are positioned on a wakeboard. This standard will ensure that the size and position of the threaded inserts are uniform across manufacturers.

Suderman notes that the standard (F3596) will simplify matters for everyone involved. “Manufacturers will be able to use the same thread insert pattern across different wakeboardmodels,” she says. “Consumers will benefit because they will be able to purchase wakeboards and bindings with the confidence that they will be compatible, regardless of the manufacturer.”

Suderman says that the developing subcommittee (F27.80) is relatively new, and is seeking participation from professionals involved with water sports or related materials.

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