Zip Line Safety

As the popularity of zip line attractions continues to increase, an ASTM task group is revising a key standard to help ensure safety. After two years of collaboration, the group has reorganized content and made technical updates to ASTM standard F2959, Practice for Special Requirements for Aerial Adventure Courses.

The group is recommending that the standard be more comprehensive and tailored to the zip line attraction industry, with fewer references to other ASTM standards. This change would help ensure greater consistency in how zip line businesses interpret the standard. Proposed revisions relate to both engineering and operations.

The task group will present the revised standard at the next meeting of Subcommittee F24.61 on Adventure Attractions, Oct. 15-17 in San Diego, California. The standard could be sent for balloting shortly thereafter.

"Zip line attractions have grown in popularity throughout the world," says ASTM member Jared Krupa, who chairs the task group. "We want to do everything we can to ensure this standard reflects the latest technical expertise, helping foster a culture of safety."

CONTACT Technical Information: Jared Krupa, K2 Engineering and Structural Design LLC • Reno, Nev. • tel +1.775.355.0505 | ASTM Staff: Katerina Koperna • tel +1.610.832.9728 | Upcoming Meeting: Oct. 15-17 • San Diego, Calif.

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