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Amalgatech Specializes in ASTM and OEM Fluid Methods
Edward Eaton Sr.

Amalgatech’s first contribution to ASTM’s committee on engine coolants (D15) dates back to the 1970s when Roy E. Beal presented a paper on testing solder for the corrosion of engine coolants at the first ASTM Engine Coolant Symposium. Since then, our engineers have continuously contributed to Committee D15 and other committees as well.

Today, Amalgatech is a research, development, and quality testing laboratory that specializes in ASTM and original equipment manufacturer antifreeze/engine coolant and diesel exhaust fluid testing. We have served the industry for more than 40 years. Our customers include automotive manufacturers, heavy duty engine manufacturers, their suppliers, and affiliates.

Most of the tests that we perform are defined by D15 test methods, such as those cited in the specification for glycol-base engine coolant for car and light-duty service (D3306). The benefits conferred on Amalgatech, and the companies we serve, by our participation in and use of standards, are many.

Cost Reduction

Test methods developed by D15 are run through interlaboratory studies that result in industry-recognized precision and bias statements. These statements of test validity make it easier for Amalgatech to comply with ISO 170251  quality requirements.

ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs further provide checks on Amalgatech’s data quality compared that of other industry laboratories, both independent and captive (owned by a manufacturer or supplier, not open to testing entities, and not accredited as independent). We participate in PTP for engine coolants and diesel exhaust fluids.

Time-to-Market Reduction

Developing and using ASTM standards means Amalgatech can provide clients with industry-recognized performance measurements that can replace very expensive multi-year testing that would otherwise be required to introduce new technologies to the market. Some engine coolant technologies may be developed and tested in just a few months using ASTM standards, as opposed to the years of vehicle evaluations that were previously required.

Committee D15 is always working to develop new testing technologies that can reliably predict real-world performance, further reducing time-to-market for new advances without unnecessary delays and costs. ASTM specifications and standardized tests have been adopted in many global markets as part or all of national quality requirements, facilitating the global trade of products and supporting global standardization efforts in the automotive and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning industries.

Regulatory Compliance

While Amalgatech itself is not generally working to comply with government regulations, our customers certainly are. The data determined and reported by Amalgatech must be as irrefutable as possible. ASTM test methods — supported by interlaboratory studies, proficiency testing activities, and statistical analysis — provide that basis of irrefutability.


Amalgatech’s capabilities are routinely used by companies seeking to move technology forward. Amalgatech engineers have served the industry by organizing all but one of the ASTM engine coolant testing symposia, and the associated volumes of technical papers. Since important technical advances occur between these symposia, work on products supported by ASTM standard test methods and performance specifications have also been reported in other peer-reviewed technical forums, such as dozens of SAE technical papers and patent applications.

Market Entry

ASTM specifications and standardized tests have become so well recognized and respected that they have been adopted in many global markets as part or all of national quality requirements. Such adoptions facilitate global trade of products and support global standardization efforts in the automotive and HVAC industries.

Consumer Benefits

Vehicle and HVAC system operators benefit by being able to reduce costs by sourcing products tested in the same ways to the same standards. By reviewing test data, consumers can make informed cost-effectiveness decisions that allow their best use.

Amalgatech’s involvement in ASTM has been long and fruitful, and we anticipate that relationship to continue to the benefit of our company and our customers.

1. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025, General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Company Snapshot

Phoenix, Arizona
An independent laboratory specializing in heat exchange and diesel exhaust fluid testing.
Number of staff: 12
Number of staff who are ASTM members: 4
Yearly revenue: US$5,000,000
Trading area: Global


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