Standardization News

Q. How did you get into engineering and the field of standards?A. I majored in civil engineering, and I think my first exposure to standards occurred during my undergraduate studies. It is very... read more
Q. What are some of the greatest cyber threats facing the world today, and how can standards help combat them?A. The greatest cybersecurity threats, in my opinion, are the ones that target our... read more
Q. How does your experience in negotiations with the World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee, including the role of standards in trade, inform your work now?A. It... read more
Q. What is the focus of ASTM’s Washington, D.C., office?A. The Washington office works at the intersection of policy, trade, and outreach. Our team — Craig Updyke, Matt Pezzella, and myself —... read more
Q. Why are ASTM International standards so important to the field of construction?Margaret Farabaugh: I think ASTM standards really affect almost every aspect of construction. There are standards for... read more
Q. Why do you believe education about standards and standards development is important? A. Janet Gbur: Standards organizations, ABET [originally the Accreditation Board for Engineering and... read more
Q. You have long been involved with ASTM and work on committees such as roofing and waterproofing (D08) and rubber and rubber-like materials (D11), which are seemingly unrelated to cannabis. How did... read more
 Q. What is the role of ICPHSO and why is it needed? What impact does ICPHSO have internationally?A. The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization, or ICPHSO (pronounced ick-... read more
Q. You’ve been in an exoskeleton. What was that like? And what did you learn from your company’s exoskeleton debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year?A. I started with Sarcos at the... read more
Q. What impact is climate change having on Canada’s north?A. In 2011, I visited Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. We could already discuss then with community leaders the extreme challenges that... read more