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Q. You’ve been in an exoskeleton. What was that like? And what did you learn from your company’s exoskeleton debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year?A. I started with Sarcos at the... read more
Q. What impact is climate change having on Canada’s north?A. In 2011, I visited Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. We could already discuss then with community leaders the extreme challenges that... read more
There is an old country song, “I Forgot More than You’ll Ever Know,” that has been remade numerous times. When talking about the standards business with John Pace, ASTM International’s senior vice... read more
Q. What do you see as the role of international standards in trade?A. For me, standards exist in an economy to assure generally recognized levels of safety and interoperability in both products and... read more
Alan Veith quit what he called his “day job” 28 years ago. But he has never stopped working for ASTM International. In fact, his tenure could very well be a record, though current membership records... read more
Q. Why was the IO Partnership organized?A. The International Organisations (IO) Partnership was set up to offer a voluntary platform that fosters collective action among IOs and their constituents in... read more
An Interview with Teresa Cendrowska, Vice President of Global Cooperation at ASTM International Q. How does the ASTM International Memorandum of Understanding program support United Nations... read more
Q. How did you get involved with research and work related to oil spill response? Why is this work important to you?A. I began working on oil spills in 1974, and through the years I’ve worked on... read more
Are there particular areas or industries where you have seen the positive impact of the work of ICONTEC?During its more than 56 years, ICONTEC has been able to positively impact different sectors. A... read more
How are standards important to ENSO?When you have an organization like ASTM building international standards, it helps reduce market fragmentation that would otherwise occur. One thing that ASTM does... read more