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ASTM Introduces eTEC Online Training

Cicely Enright

Concrete Field and Strength Testing Programs Now Available

Two new interactive, online courses focused on concrete construction material testing expand the professional training opportunities available from ASTM International.

The eTEC Concrete Field Testing and eTEC Concrete Strength Testing training programs prepare technicians in the construction industry for certification by the American Concrete Institute; the courses also improve and refresh lab personnel skills and serve as a reference.

Developed by a licensed professional civil engineer with extensive ASTM and ACI experience, and in consultation with other ACI and ASTM voting members, the eTEC programs advance skills in using ASTM standards. The courses, which are subscription-based, offer extensive materials in self-guided online modules.

Concrete Field Testing covers seven ASTM International standards - five test methods and two practices - for sampling concrete, making test specimens, testing air content of freshly mixed concrete by volumetric and pressure methods, checking temperature of hydraulic cement concrete and determining slump of hydraulic cement concrete. Concrete Strength Testing covers four ASTM standards - two test methods and two practices - that address the compressive strength of concrete, flexural strength of concrete and capping concrete specimens.

Interested? The entire module for C231/C231M, Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Pressure Method, can be reviewed for free online; click on any of the ASTM eTEC Training links to try the sample. The standard is one of the seven that make up the Concrete Field Testing training.

The C231 module, like the other eTEC modules, includes the following parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Presentations, which provide powerpoints with illustrations and text for equipment and calibration, specimen preparation and test procedure, and calculations;
  • Demonstrations, which consist of videos showing hands-on aspects of the test, including air content/pressure, meter calibration and aggregate correction factor;
  • Outlines of the procedure, step by step, as described in C231;
  • Glossary of terms from the method; and
  • Quiz with automatic grading and questions similar in format and difficulty to those on national certification exams.

Coming soon are other programs on cement, petroleum and self-consolidating concrete. In addition, custom content can be added to a module to create a tailored training product.

For more information about the ASTM eTEC online training, contact ASTM Sales or call 1-877-909-ASTM.

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