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ASTM Signs MOUs with Trade Associations on Cannabis Standards

ASTM International and two leading organizations involved in quality and standardization for the cannabis industry signed memorandums of understanding recently. The signings coincided with the first meeting of ASTM International’s new cannabis committee (D37), June 11 and 12, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

First, ASTM and American Herbal Products Association signed an MOU to work together on standards for the cannabis industry.

Under the agreement, ASTM will coordinate standards development activities for the cannabis industry while AHPA will gain benefits such as recognition of its technical contributions and regulatory recommendations.

“Many of our stakeholders — manufacturers, dispensaries, labs, consultants, and others — have laid the groundwork for guidance on the safe use and legal commerce of cannabis,” said Jane Wilson, director of program development at AHPA. “We are thrilled to now be contributing to standards development through one of the world’s top standards organizations.”

“AHPA has provided and will continue to provide much-needed expertise in this fast-growing industry,” said Ralph Paroli, Ph.D., the committee’s new chairman and the director of R&D in measurement science and standards at the National Research Council of Canada. “AHPA’s support for this new committee will help expedite international standards development, identify gaps, prevent duplicative efforts, and more.”

In addition, through a license agreement, the new committee’s standards will note when AHPA contributes technical expertise or content from one of its “Recommendations for Regulators.”

Additionally, ASTM and the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) announced an MOU to work together to address standardization needs for the cannabis industry.

Under the agreement, ASTM International will coordinate standards development activities, allowing FOCUS to shift resources towards other services.

“We are pleased to continue our support for standards development through one of the world’s leading standards organizations,” said Lezli Engelking, founder and president of FOCUS. “We look forward to participating in this fast-growing group and being able to use ASTM International standards to advance FOCUS certification services.”

“FOCUS has played a groundbreaking role to drive standardization in the cannabis industry in recent years,” said Paroli. “The work that FOCUS has done will be part of the foundation for the new committee, helping us expedite standards development, identify gaps, prevent duplicative efforts, and more.”

Through a license agreement, the committee’s standards will note when FOCUS contributes technical expertise or content from one of its documents.

Over the past year, after a growing number of requests from industry, the committee on cannabis formally organized. The group has grown to about 200 members, including businesses, laboratories, associations, governments, and others.  Anyone interested in participating can contact ASTM director of technical committee operations, Bob Morgan.

Paroli and others are featured in a brief video about the new committee.

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