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A new ASTM International standard will become acentral document for designers, producers and consumers involved in additive manufacturing. F2921, Terminology for Additive Manufacturing - Coordinate Systems and Test Methodologies, was developed by Subcommittee F42.01 on Test Methods, part of ASTM International Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Jonas Jones, senior research fellow at De Monfort University, and chairman of the F42.01 task group that developed F2921, explains that most three-dimensional (3D)D printed parts are made from individual layers that have been laminated together.

"This approach is the key to the flexibility of additive manufacturing, but at the same time the resulting seams between individual layers essentially act like the grain in wood creating directional strength," says Jones. "Similar to wood, there is great strength running with the grain but generally less strength across it. F2921 provides a framework to describe the directional strength and other anisotropic properties by communicating how parts are made."

According to Jones, F2921 will allow those working in additive manufacturing to set and fulfill expectations regarding surface finish, part strength, manufacturing time, cost and other factors.

"We expect F2921 to become an integral part of standards activities within F42 with many, if not most of the proposed new standards under development referencing it," says Jones. "By describing the pedigree of each part, designers and users of printed parts will be able to understand the performance characteristics of each part and be able to effectively communicate it to others.

All parties interested in additive manufacturing are encouraged to join F42.

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