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Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaners

All interested parties are invited to join a new ASTM task group that will be developing standards to measure the performance of battery operated vacuum cleaners. The task group is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners.

Task Group F11.50.13 on the Development of ASTM Standard Test Methods for the Measurement of Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner Performance is part of Subcommittee F11.50 on Special Vacuum Cleaner Types.

According to Ray Mayginnes, Emerson Tool Co. and chairman of F11, the task group plans to develop standards for such characteristics as cleaning, air performance, battery life, filtration and sound.

"The results of this uniform testing will allow the consumer to make an intelligent product selection based on comparable test results," says Mayginnes. "These results will allow the product manufacturers to advertise their products in a uniform and comparable manner."

Battery manufacturers, battery-powered vacuum manufacturers and consumers are encouraged to join in the standards development work of the task group, which will have its first meeting during the F11 meetings on May 7-9 in Phoenix, Ariz.

CONTACT Technical Information: Ray Mayginnes, Emerson Tool Co. • St. Louis, Mo. • Phone: 314-553-5060 O ASTM Staff: Diane Trinsey • Phone: 610-832-9661 O Upcoming Meeting: May 7-9 • May Committee Week • Phoenix, Ariz.

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