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Subcommittee E10.01 in Ettlingen, Germany

ASTM International Subcommittee E10.01 on Radiation Procesing: Dosimetry and Applications held the sixth installment of its ongoing workshop on dosimetry for radiation processing Oct. 4-8, 2009, in Ettlingen, Germany.

ASTM Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications has approved two new ASTM standards, E2628, Practice for Dosimetry for Radiation Processing, and E2701, Guide for Performance Characterization of Dosimeters and Dosimetry Systems for Use in Radiation Processing. Both standards are under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee E10.01 on Radiation Processing: Dosimetry and Applications.

According to John Logar, manager, Sterilization Science and Technology, Ethicon Inc., and chairman of E10.01, E2628 will serve as a guide for the use of other E10.01 standards. "ASTM E10.01 has 36 published standards all related to radiation processing and using dosimetry," says Logar. "We felt there was a need to create a top level document that describes the basic fundamentals in using dosimetry for radiation processing. In essence, E2628 is a road map for using ASTM E10.01 standards."

E2628 outlines the requirements for using dosimetry and provides direction to users on which E10.01 standards provide additional information relating to specific applications.

Rod Chu, an E10.01 member and a retired radiation physicist, says that the development of E2701 was initially suggested at a dosimetry symposium, Techniques for High Dose Dosimetry in Industry, Agriculture and Medicine, held by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The standard describes the influence quantities that might affect the performance of dosimeters and dosimetry systems, and it provides guidance for testing for the effects of influence quantities.

"Knowing the effects of these influence quantities, the user can determine the optimum method for calibrating the dosimeters for the condition of use," says Chu.

Dosimeter manufacturers, suppliers of dosimetry systems, those performing research in national laboratories and users of dosimeters will all find E2701 helpful, according to Chu. All interested parties are encouraged to join in the ongoing standards developing activities of E11.01.


Technical Information: (E2628) John Logar, Ethicon Inc., Somerville, N.J.

Phone: 908-218-5638

(E2701) Rod Chu, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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ASTM Staff: Joe Koury

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