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Field Inspection of Transmission Poles and Lattice Towers

WK35986 will provide tools for maintenance departments that inspect and repair transmission structures such as this candelabra broadcast tower.

A proposed new ASTM International standard will detail a multilevel approach for performing above- and below-ground inspection of transmission poles and lattice towers in the field. WK35986, Test Method for Field Inspection of Transmission Poles and Lattice Towers, will be used by utilities to provide tools for maintenance departments that inspect and repair transmission structures.

WK35986 is being developed by Subcommittee G01.10 on Corrosion in Soils, part of ASTM International Committee G01 on Corrosion of Metals.

"The electrical utility industry has asked for advice on how to evaluate their inventory of transmission and distribution lines," says Thomas Langill, technical director of the American Galvanizers Association and vice chairman/programs of G01. "NACE and IEEE are involved in generating standards on evaluating the condition of existing systems as well as designing new systems. ASTM's role is to provide a standard on using the existing tools and test methods that are documented in ASTM standards to evaluate the service condition of existing lattice towers and poles that deliver high voltage throughout the power grid."

According to Langill, once it has been approved, WK35986 will be used by electrical utilities and subcontractors to accurately diagnose potential corrosion issues before they interrupt electrical service.

Representatives from utilities and utility contractors that are involved with transmission or distribution service life evaluation are welcome to join in the development of WK35986.


CONTACT Technical Information: Thomas J. Langill, American Galvanizers Association • Centennial, Colo. • Phone: 720-554-0900, ext. 14 | ASTM Staff: Jennifer Rodgers • Phone: 610-832-9694 | Upcoming Meeting: Nov. 13-15 • November Committee Week • Atlanta, Ga.


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