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Heat Transfer Fluids

A new ASTM International standard for heat transfer fluids will help create more efficient heating and air conditioning systems. The new standard (soon to be published as D8039, Specification for Freeze Point Depressed Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF)) was developed by ASTM’s Committee on Engine Coolants and Related Fluids (D15). 

Heat transfer fluids used in the HVAC systems of homes and businesses must provide efficient energy transfer while also protecting components against corrosion and other damage.  The new standard will help people who build systems that rely on aqueous fluids. Specifically, this standard provides requirements for freeze-point adjusted heat transfer fluids for HVAC systems.

Heat transfer fluids were once closely related to automotive engine coolants, but technologies eventually diverged, creating the need for a separate set of standards for fluids in the HVAC industry.

Committee D15 welcomes participation from manufacturers, users, and other interested stakeholders in the HVAC industry.

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D15 on Engine Coolants and Related Fluids Future Meeting: Oct. 19-20, Dearborn, Michigan
Technical Contact: Edward R. Eaton Sr., Amalgatech, Phoenix, Ariz., tel +1.602.252.0280   
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