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HEPA Filtration

ASTM International Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners has formed a new task group to develop proposed standards for high efficiency particulate air filtration, typically known as HEPA.

The task group, part of Subcommittee F11.23 on Filtration, will develop standards to clarify methodology and criteria used to define HEPA filtration for sealed vacuum cleaner systems and filter components used in residential and commercial settings.

"HEPA filtration and HEPA media filters have been offered to the public for several years, and retailers and consumers alike have come to expect them as a product offering," says Zoe Wilson, of Bissell Homecare Inc., chairwoman of the new task group. "Many feel the time has come to develop an industry-specific, consensus standard for HEPA filtration, creating a level playing field against which our products' filtration construction and performance can be measured."

The task group will focus on standards that will provide both retail buyers and consumers a means of comparing manufacturer filtration claims and filtration benefits.

All interested parties, particularly residential and commercial vacuum cleaner manufacturers, are invited to take part in the standards developing activities of the new task group and F11.23.

CONTACT Technical Information: Zoe Wilson, Bissell Homecare Inc. • Grand Rapids, Mich. • Phone: 616-735-5142 | ASTM Staff: Diane Trinsey • Phone: 610-832-9661 | Upcoming Meeting: May 20-22 • May Committee Week • Indianapolis, Ind.

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