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Kitchen Surfaces

All interested parties, particularly experts on surfaces or soils, are invited to join in the development of a proposed new ASTM International standard that will address cleaning products for kitchen surfaces.

The proposed new standard, WK26967, Test Method for Evaluating Cleaning Performance of Products Intended for Use on Kitchen Surfaces Found in the Home, is being developed by Subcommittee D12.16 on Hard Surface Cleaning, part of ASTM International Committee D12 on Soaps and Other Detergents.According to Toni Lynch, scientist, Clorox Services Co., and a member of D12, the withdrawal of ASTM standard D4488, Guide for Testing Cleaning Performance of Products Intended for Use on Resilient Flooring and Washable Walls, inspired interest in the development of WK26967, which is more specific to kitchen surface cleaning than D4488."The WK26967 task group will be developing soils that are most consumer relevant to cleaning surfaces in the kitchen," says Lynch. "Kitchen grease and greasy particulate soils are two examples of soils that consumers commonly encounter." Lynch notes that WK26967 will cover a variety of common surfaces found in the kitchen that were not included in D4488.Lynch says that the task group is looking for test laboratories to participate in round robin testing for WK26967.

CONTACT Technical Information: Toni Lynch, Clorox Services Co. • Pleasanton, Calif. • Phone: 925-425-6729 • E-mail: O ASTM Staff: Kathleen McClung • Phone: 610-832-9717 • E-mail: O Upcoming Meeting: October 13 • October Committee Week • San Antonio, Texas

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