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Sensing the Wear in Gearboxes

Routine monitoring for the presence of ferrous and nonferrous wear particles in gearboxes is a crucial function for machinery across a wide range of industries. To keep machines running smoothly, a new ASTM International standard, D7917 , Practice for Inductive Metallic Wear Particle Sensor for Gearbox Applications, provides practices for the selection, application and use of inductive type metal debris sensors that are used to indicate the presence of such debris in gearbox applications.

ASTM member Jack Poley, managing general partner, Condition Monitoring International, says that D7917 will provide credible, sufficiently rigorous general standards for the manufacture and application of magnetometric sensors for condition monitoring purposes.

"Hopefully, manufacturers will reference and indicate compliance with the standard," says Poley. "This standard should bridge all industrial machinery, off-highway, marine and oil and gas components, along with some aviation applications."

D7917 was developed by Subcommittee D02.96.07 on Integrated Testers, Instrumentation Techniques for In-Service Lubricants, part of ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants. Interested parties are welcome to participate in the standards developing activities of D02.

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