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Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are one of the fastest growing segments of the attractions industry. In the last year, the popularity of trampoline parks has risen dramatically and new facilities are opening up almost weekly. Stakeholders, recognizing this growth, have come together to develop a safety standard for this unique attraction.

At the meeting of ASTM International Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices in 2011, Subcommittee F24.60 on Special Rides/Attractions met with representatives of the International Association of Trampoline Parks to establish a special task group. The group, led by Philip Slaggert, president of the Amusement Evaluation and Testing, included the input of suppliers, inspectors, operators and consumers to develop proposed new standard WK35776, Practice for the Classification, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Trampoline Parks.

"Members of the IATP have been involved with the standard development for trampoline courts since the first informational meeting," says Jeff Platt, chairman of the International Association of Trampoline Parks. "The publication of an effective standard for trampoline courts is key to providing an enjoyable participatory experience for our guests."

The focus of the task group is to delineate information regarding the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of commercial or institutional trampoline devices found in trampoline parks. This practice establishes guidelines that will provide a level of conformity for enhancing participant experience while reducing potential hazards to participants, court attendants and spectators. Initiated in December 2011, the task group's efforts will be open for subcommittee ballot during the spring of 2012.

The task group has completed its work on WK35776 and will send it to the ASTM F24 main committee for vote and comment. "This will give the task group enough time to adequately address constructive input, and, if needed, to send out one more ballot before the next formal F24 meeting in October," says Slaggert. The task group meets both in person and online via WebEx, ASTM's web-based collaborative and conferencing resource.

"I am extremely pleased by the dedication and commitment the task group members have shown," notes Slaggert. "The amount of time this group has volunteered to develop an effective standard for trampoline courts is amazing."

The task group has just completed its work on a draft standard that has been sent to Committee F24 for vote and comment. The task group meets every Thursday via WebEx, ASTM's Web-based collaborative and conferencing resource. The next trampoline court task group in-person meeting will be held July 18019 at Xtreme Trampolines in Buffalo Grove, Ill. All interested stakeholders are invited to attend.

"The task group's efforts are an example of F24's unique capability to respond expeditiously to a safety standard need identified by the marketplace, says James Seay, chairman of ASTM F24 and president of amusement rides designer and manufacturer Premier Rides. "With more than 600 members who are passionate about safety, F24 has the ability to focus the highest level of safety expertise on any global issue."

The next ASTM Committee F24 meeting will be held Oct. 18-20; meetings are open to all with an interest in safety and a desire to contribute to amusement industry standards. Additional information for prospective members can be found about F24 at

CONTACT Technical Information: Philip Slaggert, Amusement Evaluation and Testing • Hobe Sound, Fla. • Phone: 561-758-3266 | ASTM Staff: Leonard Morrissey • Phone: 610-832-9719 | Upcoming Meeting: Oct. 18-20 • Reno, Nev.

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