Innovation and Standards Create a Better Tomorrow

Since its inception, LATICRETE has stood for the use of superior technologies to improve building practices, as guided by the needs and voices of its customers and users, resulting in a respected record of innovation.

In 1956, Henry M. Rothberg, Ph.D., changed the tile and stone industry when he developed the first commercially accepted latex-modified adhesive, thus altering the way building was done. Rothberg’s research and development marked LATICRETE as an innovator within the tile and flooring industry and set the standard for the modern tile-and-stone adhesives used today.  

LATICRETE solutions have been used in the most prestigious and demanding infrastructure and buildings in the world, from the metro systems in New York City to the world’s tallest buildings, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The Olympic swimming pools in Beijing were constructed with the LATICRETE system, as was the dramatic Marina Bay infinity pool that sits atop a 50-story tower in Singapore, featured in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians.” 

With hundreds of products and a presence in 100 countries, LATICRETE has grown from a manufacturer of thin-set mortar for installing tile to a provider of solutions for tile and stone installation and maintenance, radiant heating, shower installation systems, surface preparation, construction chemicals, resinous and decorative finishes, and more.

With thousands of associates worldwide, we believe we have a moral obligation to use our platform to create a safer and more sustainable world — to focus on easing the work of the installer, improving the durability of buildings, and creating lasting customer relationships by manufacturing safe and innovative building materials that surpass health and safety standards. Exceeding technical standards is what gives credibility to the LATICRETE brand and to the products that make up our portfolio. Technical standards are set in place to support quality, innovation, and trade.  

Committing to Long-Term Sustainability with ASTM

Over the last decade, consumers have become more committed to long-term sustainable living and often prefer to identify the impact installation materials will have on the environment before purchasing. This has been a driving force behind the technological advancements for new LATICRETE products. Thanks to the effects that these evolving sustainability practices have on modern construction, it is vital that technical standards keep pace to help the world work even better than before. This is why for decades, LATICRETE has worked with ASTM International to improve the sustainability of our products and procedures.

LATICRETE also uses ASTM documents as standardized test procedures to follow when evaluating the performance of our solutions. Doing so has resulted in LATICRETE complying with local, national, regional, and international codes, laws, and regulations, helping with cost-reduction of products, product performance, quality assurance, and overall sustainability of our products.

Knowledge Creates a Platform for Success 

At LATICRETE, we relish the opportunity to learn more about the solutions we engineer and the industry in which we serve. That is why — in addition to using ASTM standards to achieve internal business goals — LATICRETE also participates in a variety of ASTM standards development committees. This helps our team members stay abreast of ASTM’s evolving standards, and it enables us to contribute our expertise in various subject matter areas. Participation also helps us to stay on top of the most recent trends in the industry and informed on how certain testing methods may impact the performance of our products and systems. 

We also believe in the importance of having public discussions with other leaders in our industry to identify areas where there are commonalities, such as issues with testing procedures, or concerns about meeting particularly stringent standards. ASTM affords us this opportunity.

Creating a Better Tomorrow  

Sustainable building is a design philosophy focused on minimizing the negative impact of the construction process on the environment by reducing waste and by increasing the comfort, safety, and productivity of a structure’s life cycle through better material selection, design, and engineering. Sustainable building design is often summarized as the practice of creating a balance between people, planet, and pocketbook, commonly referred to as “The 3 P’s.” As environmental concerns such as biodiversity, pollution, waste management, and global warming continue to grow, the need for sustainable and renewable building practices becomes even more pressing. 

From our suppliers and customers to our employees and their families, people count on LATICRETE to provide more than superior building materials. They count on LATICRETE to make their world a better, safer, and more sustainable place to live and work. Partnering with ASTM International allows us to welcome better science and technology so that we can confidently take care of our network of customers and associates through the innovation of healthier, eco-friendly products and procedures. ■

Company Snapshot

  • LATICRETE International Inc., Bethany, Connecticut, U.S. 
  • LATICRETE is a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry. LATICRETE offers a broad range of products and systems covering tile and stone installation and care, masonry installation and care, resinous and decorative floor finishes, concrete construction chemicals, and concrete restoration and care.
  • Number of staff: 500 employees in North America;
  • 1,370 outside the United States and Canada.
  • Number of staff who are ASTM members: 5
  • Trading area: Global 
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