Standards for the Global Energy Industry

Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) is recognized as one of the top global oil energy conglomerates, and a leader in providing safe, clean energy to global markets. KPC was first established in 1980 in order to bring together all state-owned elements of the Kuwait oil sector under one corporate umbrella.

KPC oversees a fully integrated industry with operations spanning six continents, bringing hydrocarbon energy from domestic reservoirs and upstream interests abroad directly to the consumer through a series of specialized subsidiary operating companies.

KPC’s mission and vision revolve around reaching a leading global position in the oil and gas field by:

  • Being a secure and reliable supplier of hydrocarbons;
  • Managing operations with world-class health, safety, social, and environmental (HSSE) standards;
  • Being a highly profitable and performance-driven enterprise;
  • Being an actively integrated organization;
  • Being an employer of choice; and
  • Being a positive role model for Kuwait society.

The activities of KPC are focused on petroleum exploration, production, petrochemicals, refining, marketing, and transportation. KPC strives to manage and operate these integrated activities worldwide in the most efficient and professional manner, growing shareholder value while ensuring the optimum deployment of Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources.

To support its international business interests, KPC has several regional marketing offices that are strategically located around the globe, from Houston to London, Mumbai to Pakistan, and Singapore to Tokyo. These offices effectively contribute to the sales and marketing operations of KPC and its subsidiaries, in line with its short-term and long-term strategies. Their scope of work includes regional market analysis, establishing and maintaining relations with other key petroleum players, and increasing KPC’s share in existing markets while entering new ones.

KPC and ASTM International Standards

Kuwait relies heavily on ASTM International, as does the petroleum industry as a whole. This includes in areas such as testing, maintenance, quality, design, risk mitigation, procurement, contractor certification, training, and more. ASTM standards are also used extensively by numerous other industries and government departments, for example, construction, manufacturing, and defense. Since July 2012, ASTM International has had a memorandum of understanding with the Kuwait Public Authority for Industry (PAI) to aid the development of Kuwait national standards. To date, PAI has cited 200+ ASTM standards.

KPC and its subsidiaries also make extensive use of ASTM International standards as part of their HSSE policy. These include Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), and Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC). Using ASTM’s Compass platform, all KPC engineers have instant access to the latest ASTM standards and technical information with daily updates and tools to identify key changes key to quality, safety, and risk mitigation.

Key ASTM standards used by KPC include those related to petroleum products, lubricants, and fossil fuels. 

Corporate Responsibility 

KPC firmly believes that its role transcends managing and developing the oil industry. Spurred by social responsibility, KPC avidly takes part in social activities, supports worthy causes, takes initiatives to enhance HSSE performance, hones the skills and talents of its staff, and improves quality of life wherever it does business.

Because KPC shares ASTM’s belief that access to ASTM information is also crucial to the global academic community, they also sponsor access to ASTM’s online Compass platform, which includes all ASTM standards, e-books, and journals for all universities in Kuwait. KPC believes in the adage: “Students with a knowledge and understanding of standards have a real advantage over those who do not. Standards are the foundation of most of the industry sectors they will be joining when they begin their careers.”

Company Snapshot

  • Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC), Safat, Kuwait
  • KPC’s diverse business interests encompass all aspects of the hydrocarbon industry, from onshore and offshore upstream exploration through production and refining, marketing, retailing, petrochemicals, and marine transportation.
  • Trading area: Global
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