Board Strengthens European Ties in The Netherlands

Above: 2018 Chairman Dale Bohn presides over the ASTM board of directors meeting in Amsterdam.

The ASTM International board of directors met Oct. 14-17, 2018, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, home of incoming chairman Taco van der Maten.

In addition to handling biannual business (Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday), board members conducted extensive outreach meetings Tuesday with dozens of members, customers, partners, government officials, and other stakeholders in the region.


At First Dutch Innovation (from left): Dale Bohn, 2018 board chairman; Daniel Smith, vice president, ASTM International; Taco van der Maten, 2019 board chairman; and Marc Pieksma, program manager, and Gert Rietveld, senior scientist, both of VSL Dutch Metrology Institute.


Harold Pauwels, business unit manager for standards at the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN) (standing) moderates a discussion with board members Oliver Delery Jr., Cesar Constantino, and R. Christopher Mathis as part of a two-panel seminar event focused on circular/sustainable construction held at NEN.


At Leiden Bio Science Park: board members Terry Woods (third from left), Ferdinando Aspesi (seventh from left), and John Logar (second from right); ASTM International vice presidents Tim Brooke (left) and Brian Meincke, (kneeling, left). In addition, Rik van Terwisga, managing director (CEO) of Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN) (fifth from right) and others involved in the facility.


At KIWA N.V., a testing, inspection, and certification company (from left): Wim van Wresswijk, director, building division, and Hans Naus, senior consultant; John Fletcher, ASTM board; Patricia Gleason, president, Safety Equipment Institute (an ASTM affiliate); and James Tann, ASTM board.


At IP2 Entertainment (from left): Phil Lively, vice president, ASTM International; board member Vicky Taylor; Diderick Woltering, Michel Commerman, and Sandra Rabinska, all from IP2; and Bill Ells, ASTM board.


At Netherlands Measurement Institute (from left): Anthony Quinn, ASTM International; Cock Oosterman, head certification body, and Wim Volmer, technical partner, oil and gas, both from NMi; former ASTM board chairman Ralph Paroli and board member Joannie Chin; and Erik van de Graf, director of sales and business development, NMi.


At the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) (from left ): Ralph Paroli, former ASTM board chairman; Annemiek van Bolhuis, director, RIVM; Joannie Chin, ASTM board; Anthony Quinn, ASTM staff; and Arnoud Akkermans, coordinating policy officer, and Reinskje Talhout, senior researcher, both of RIVM.


Vinery Pilaka (left), research and technology engineer and ASTM member, shows off some of the work at Zodiac Aerospace to ASTM board member Joannie Chin.

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