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University of Alabama Graduate Student Receives Mary R. Norton Scholarship


Madyson Canulette (left), a student at the University of Alabama, has received the 2023 Mary R. Norton Scholarship Award for Women.

The $1,000 scholarship encourages women undergraduate seniors or first-year graduate students to pursue the study of physical metallurgy or materials science with an emphasis on the relationship of microstructure to material properties. ASTM’s metallography committee (E04) established the Norton Award in 1975.

Canulette is currently a full-time graduate assistant at the University of Alabama, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in metallurgical and materials engineering in 2022. ­­­­­­Shown in the photo with Canulette is Gabe Lucas, chair of the E04 committee.

Graduate Scholarship Applications Due

The ASTM International Graduate Scholarships aims to enhance students’ knowledge, understanding, and application of ASTM and its standards. A $10,000 scholarship is presented each year to as many as four high-potential graduate students who have demonstrated high levels of interest or involvement with ASTM standards. Applications are due April 30. 
Contact Travis Murdock,; tel +1.610.832.9826

Mather Scholarship Applications Due April 30

The Katherine and Bryant Mather Scholarship is presented each year, contingent upon available funds, to full-time undergraduate students completing their second/sophomore year of college or later, or graduate students who are pursuing degrees specializing in cement or concrete materials technology or concrete construction. Each scholarship recipient receives up to $7,500 to be used for educational expenses and up to $1,500 to cover expenses to attend a C09 committee meeting.

This award is administered by the committee on concrete and concrete aggregates (C09). The deadline for applications is April 30. 

For more information, visit the Students and Professors section of the ASTM International website or contact Scott Orthey; tel +1.610.832.9730

Past Award Winners

As part of its 125th anniversary celebration, ASTM International is looking back on the many individuals who have received awards, participated in programs, or otherwise contributed to the next generation of standards development. This issue, we are highlighting recipients of the ASTM Graduate Student Scholarship and the Katherine and Bryant Mather Scholarship.


Mark Blanchette, ASTM International Graduate Student Scholarship (2011)

Mark Blanchette, Ph.D., is a forensics consultant for Semper Scientific and a researcher at University of Southern California. He reconstructs and evaluates pedestrian-related incidents to address injury biomechanics and issues of safety.  Blanchette’s research focuses on tribometry, footwear, gait, and slip resistance, and he has published and presented on multiple topics related to his work. Blanchette is a member of the committee on pedestrian/walkway safety and footwear (F13), serving as the secretary for the committee and chair of the subcommittee on research (F13.40), as well as a member of the committee on consumer products (F15).

“My relationship with ASTM began during my graduate work at the University of Southern California. At that time, my research focus was of interest to committee F13 membership, and I joined the committee in 2007. The relationships that I developed with F13 members were critical to accomplishing my dissertation. As a Ph.D. candidate, I received the ASTM International Graduate Student Scholarship, which afforded me the ability to collect and analyze my research as well as provide support to my laboratory. Ultimately, my participation in ASTM International spearheaded my post-graduate career as a forensics professional. Over the past 16 years, I have performed and collaborated on multiple research studies that have provided scientific foundation for our standards. I am grateful for the lifelong friendships, business relationships, and network of colleagues built through my continued involvement in the standards development process.”


E. Ivan Diaz-Loya, Katherine and Bryant Mather Scholarship (2010)

E. Ivan Diaz-Loya, Ph.D., is vice president of technical services for Ozinga. He has over fifteen years of experience in R&D related to concrete and concrete-making materials, having published several articles connecting to his research and holding four patents. Diaz-Loya is an active member of the committees on cement (C01) and concrete and concrete aggregates (C09), participating in several subcommittees and chairing the task group that developed an active ASTM standard. He is also active in the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the American Association for Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA).

“Little did I know how much the scholarship would shape my career. I’ve been an active member of C09 and a regular attendant to its meetings since then. Through my involvement in ASTM, I’ve found great mentors, forged friendships, and learned skills that I’m sure I would not have otherwise. One of the most valuable skills I learned through my involvement is the ability to pursue consensus with individuals who hold differing opinions in a respectful and constructive way using sound technical reasoning. I look forward to continuing to be an active member of ASTM and paying it forward by being as good a mentor as those who have been to me.”

Graduate Scholarship Winner


Ramona Haskins (left), chair of ASTM’s textiles committee (D13), presented Diana Wyman (right) with her award as a 2022 ASTM International Graduate Scholarship winner at ASTM’s January committee week. Wyman is pursuing her Ph.D. in fiber and polymer science at North Carolina State University. Wyman was one of four students to receive $10,000 scholarships for their studies in fields where technical standards play a crucial role.

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