ASTM International to Host Online Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing Standards

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ASTM International to Host Online Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing Standards

On April 30, ASTM International will host an online forum to discuss the coordination of standards activity relative to commercial scale hydraulic fracturing. The forum is open to the public and free of charge; stakeholders at all levels of commercial hydraulic fracturing applications are encouraged to attend. Registration for the on-line session can be accomplished here.

ASTM is committed to providing broad-based support to topics of emerging need. For over 100 years, ASTM has worked hand in hand with the petroleum, gas, and other energy producing sectors to develop high quality and market relevant standards, guides, and test methods to improve efficiency; address health, safety and environmental concerns; and disclose information across operational chains or to fulfill regulatory requirements.

ASTM has several technical committees whose scope and work activity is relevant to this topic. ASTM recently provided the American Petroleum Institute with a list of existing ASTM standards that may be useful references in the API suite of hydraulic fracturing standards. This forum is an opportunity to expand preliminary discussions that have begun within several ASTM technical committees to see if there are other standards needs recognized by the broad stakeholder community that ASTM could support.

CONTACT ASTM Staff: Pat Picariello • Phone: 610-832-9720 | Robert Morgan • Phone: 610-832-9732

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