An Updated Meetings System

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An Updated Meetings System

Coming soon: Committee Week meetings will soon debut revamped online and on-site registration plus an upgraded smartphone meetings app.
Cicely Enright

The meeting event page and registration process will have:

  • A consolidated search for meetings and symposia information and new event registration process for committee weeks and independent meetings.
  • Direct hotel registration from event registration for hotels that support Passkey (an online group reservation system. 

The onsite registration experience will have:

  • New expedited, self-serve check-in and badge printing.
  • Larger badges and type size for better viewing of names and companies, plus a list of general ASTM training sessions, coffee breaks, and registration location on the back.

The new mobile meetings app will provide:

  • Updated meeting information — schedules, floorplans, and speakers — on your smartphone, with notifications for meeting schedule/room changes.
  • Communication and networking tools for attendees.

For more information, contact ASTM meetings (

Regs Corner

Committee Meetings

A committee’s bylaws include “Rules for the conduct of business and meetings, rules pertaining to proxies, and the requirements for a quorum.” That’s how the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees puts it. 

The Regs, under Section 9, Rules for Conduct of Business, further indicates that committee and subcommittee meetings are open to visitors “when technical matters relating to the development of standards are to be discussed.” Also, electronic recording of ASTM meetings is prohibited.

Executive subcommittee meetings may be closed when nontechnical matters are being discussed.

Read The Regs.

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