Bend Resistance of Water Skis

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Bend Resistance of Water Skis

ASTM International’s snow and water sports committee (F27) is developing a standard that will be used to determine how resistant a water ski is to permanent bending. The proposed standard (WK69725) will also be used to test the basic strength of skis.

“This proposed standard will ensure that all manufacturers who comply will test slalom water skis in the same way so that the skis can be compared among manufacturers,” said ASTM International F27.80 subcommittee chair Bethany Suderman, Guidance Engineering and Applied Research. 

Suderman notes that water sports equipment manufacturers and associations like the Water Sports Industry Association will benefit most from the development of this standard. In addition, testing laboratories will find the standard useful and consumers will benefit because the standard will help to improve the safety of water sports equipment.

The water sports subcommittee (F27.80) is relatively new and invites all interested parties to join in the development of water sports equipment standards. The subcommittee is developing proposed standards on testing on-water towable inflatables, wakeboards, and water skis. The subcommittee would particularly like to include manufacturers of water sports equipment, including ropes, nylon materials, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. 

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