How To: Refine Your ASTM Skills with Member Training

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How To: Refine Your ASTM Skills with Member Training

Enhance your participation by participating in free training sessions on the consensus standards development process and committee operations. Here is how to take advantage of what ASTM has available.
Cicely Enright

Understanding the consensus process and best practices for standards development, including online tools, is important, and that’s the reason training is available. To get started, mark your calendar for the Virtual Officers’ Training Workshop in September. Or consider taking one or more of our regularly held virtual training sessions to help orient new members as well as increase your understanding of various aspects of the standards development process. And take a look at the many relevant materials that can be downloaded. MORE HERE

Training Workshop

This year’s Virtual Officers’ Training Workshop (VOTW, a free event) — to be held Sept. 20–23 using Webex — includes both new and familiar topics. Current and aspiring officers, including task group chairs and technical contacts, are encouraged to participate. Close to 20 sessions will be held on topics useful to your work, from leader responsibilities (main, subcommittee, task group chair) to handling negative votes. Come prepared to ask questions and engage with staff throughout the sessions, which will have a monitored chat capability to help you communicate efficiently. 

Two new sessions at this year’s VOTW will cover these areas:

The Multimedia Program: This training module will address the role of video and interactive media with standards through the types of content developed for committees. Attendees will see how standards and content can be enhanced with the use of multimedia.

Sales and Marketing: This training module will provide a departmental overview, an outline of staff responsibilities, and guidance on who to contact for your different questions. Planned topics include: the international sales team; ASTM translated standards; ASTM Compass; content and user tools; third party content and relationships; and eLearning.

Other VOTW sessions will highlight topics not usually part of ongoing member training sessions (more about them below). The Safety Equipment Institute certification training session will cover what this affiliate organization does and how it covers the certification of a wide range of safety and protective products through testing and manufacturing audits. And staffers in the Washington, D.C., office will cover public policy and stakeholder outreach in support of voluntary consensus standards. REGISTER HERE.

Virtual Member Trainings

We know your time is valuable and your ability to navigate the process is important. Because of this, we offer reoccurring training sessions. The member training page of our website lists upcoming session dates and
links to register (also included in the member center section of Standardization News).

These sessions are:

  • New Member Orientation and Training
  • Balloting and Handling
  • Negative Votes
  • Collaboration Areas
  • Interlaboratory Studies Program
  • Member Website Tools
  • Planning Symposia and Workshops
  • Process of Developing and Revising a Standard
  • Roster Maintenance
  • Subcommittee Chair’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Task Group Chair and Technical Contact Responsibilities
  • Webex Training

In-person training sessions are also typically held at committee weeks, which will resume when in-person.

Member Training Materials

You can also review member training materials — prepared specifically for ASTM members by staff — that include one-page summaries, infographics, self-led training, and how-to documents.

Links from ASTM 101 will take you to an ASTM International video introduction; an infographic of the six types of standards that ASTM develops; explainers about standards designations, committee structures, and the balloting sequence; a frequently asked questions webpage; and more.

Additional links from the general New Member link go to information intended to help participants early in their ASTM work. The Committee Operations and Meetings links provide resources and information about these topics.


To be sure you’re aware: ASTM also offers an IACET-accredited training program in diverse industries (virtually, in-person, and on-site) as well as Personnel Certificate Programs. (These programs have fees.) MORE HERE.

If you have any questions about training, contact your committee’s staff manager. ■

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