How To: Navigate the Ballot Process

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How To: Navigate the Ballot Process

ASTM International offers its members many tools and services. Here’s a look at some of the most useful – and fundamental.

“Every ASTM member is entitled to vote on all Society Review Items as well as on each ballot of a main committee and subcommittee to which the member belongs.” That’s the regulation behind this integral part of developing standards: the voting process.

Most important: voting gives each member the opportunity to help advance a standard on its way to marketplace use, or to stop it with a negative vote. Voting also provides a way to make comments to help refine a standard for its next iteration. Voting is your voice in the consensus process.

READ MORE more about negative votes and addressing them.

View a PDF about the balloting process HERE

If you have any questions, please contact your staff manager.


While voting is critical to the consensus process, it is also a needed response to ballots to fulfill return requirements. Failure to return main committee ballots may result in the termination of a main committee member’s official vote. The same holds true for the official votes of subcommittee members.

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