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ASTM Proud

Although I am always “ASTM proud,” the past few months have given me an elevated sense of appreciation for all things ASTM International.

A successful board of directors meeting in April showcased the commitment of our governance and reinforced our direction moving forward. 

Productive hybrid committee weeks and independent meetings throughout April, May, and June highlighted the dedication of our members to continuously driving standards forward.

And a joyous Staff Appreciation Day reminded me of how close-knit and welcoming our ASTM family really is.

Together, these events have all reinforced to me the impact of our members, staff, and governance on both our organization and our mission. 

The combined efforts of our members, staff, and governance have empowered ASTM to set the pace for standards-development organizations globally. This has allowed us to forge new partnerships with national standards bodies, international organizations, and research institutions, among others. It’s helped us expand our offerings of ASTM’s value-added products and services. These efforts have also given us the chance to adapt quickly and support the evolving landscape and needs of established industries like infrastructure, energy, and consumer products, as well as emerging technologies.

You can find examples of these efforts to shape emerging technologies in this issue of Standardization News. Starting HERE, you can read about the future of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) and learn about the new traffic-management standard aimed at increasing safety and maintaining order in the skies. 

Relatedly, you can read about standards for autonomous aircraft like air taxis starting HERE. Here you can learn about the work of several ASTM committees revising and creating standards to cover autonomous flight – as nearly all regulations to date have been written with a human pilot in mind. 

And you’ll soon see that keeping pace with emerging technologies is at the very heart of ASTM Xcellerate – our new program for strengthening the world’s emerging technologies from research to standards. Encompassing additive manufacturing, exo technologies, emerging airspace, and robotics and automation, ASTM Xcellerate seeks to put standards at the very heart of innovation. It is our hope and expectation that these efforts will lead to deeper global collaboration, bridge the gap between innovation and production, and build trust.

These efforts to connect to our global partners, expand our offerings, and support the changing landscapes of established and emerging industries are only possible through the great work of our members, staff, and governance. In short, they’re only possible with your commitment and dedication. It’s been a productive first half of 2022 and I look forward to everything we’ll accomplish together throughout the rest of the year. 

I hope you’re as ASTM proud as I am. 

Katharine E. Morgan
President, ASTM International

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