How To: Nominate an Emerging Professional

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How To: Nominate an Emerging Professional

ASTM International’s program for Emerging Professionals (EP) provides an opportunity for new members who demonstrate the potential to be leaders within their committee and industry at large.

The EP program provides in-depth training on the ASTM process four times throughout the year. These sessions are held at the June, June D02, October, and November committee weeks. In addition to process training, selected EPs are provided with a facilitated leadership development training that covers skills such as negotiation, consensus building, and problem solving.

Committees are welcome to identify and nominate an EP. A selection committee made up of ASTM staff managers reviews all nominations and decides which candidates will be invited to participate in each workshop. Committees who meet independently are still invited to nominate EPs if the nominee has travel approval for the EP workshop. (Logistics can be coordinated with ASTM staff.) Ten participants are chosen for each committee week.

The value of nominating an EP is that it prepares a pipeline of future leaders. Succession planning is an important part of long-range planning and identifying those with potential encourages their continued engagement early in their ASTM career. If selected, EPs can attend a technical committee meeting if it aligns with the timing of the program.

Now in its seventh year, ASTM is pleased to support future leaders by funding the EP program. Funding includes:

  • Round-trip domestic economy airfare to and from the committee week.
  • Two-night accommodations at the committee week hotel.
  • Complimentary participation in Clifton Strengths assessment, a program that identifies an individual’s top five strengths, along with an invitation to a virtual workshop to help integrate this insight into that person’s career-development plans.

For more information or to nominate an EP, please contact Katerina Koperna at


In a moment where travel can often be difficult, proxy voting is a crucial resource that allows members to participate by designating another member to vote on their behalf. The rules for proxy voting are described in The Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees.

9.5 Proxies

9.5.1 To vote via proxy at a subcommittee or main committee meeting, an official voting member shall designate any member from the applicable subcommittee or main committee or an individual from the official voting member’s voting interest (see Section 6 on Definitions).

9.5.2 To vote via proxy, an official voting member shall personally contact the individual whom the member wishes to exercise the proxy and shall complete a duly executed ASTM International proxy form provided in Appendix C.

9.5.3 The signed and duly executed ASTM International proxy form shall be mailed, e-mailed as a scanned attachment, faxed by the official voting member, or hand delivered by the proxy holder to the chair of each committee or subcommittee prior to the applicable meeting or action.

9.5.4 An ASTM International proxy form may be used to designate a proxy for meetings of a single main committee and all, or some, of its subcommittees. A single proxy form cannot designate proxies for meetings of multiple main committees.

9.5.5 The solicitation of proxies from official voting members is prohibited. Solicited proxies will not be accepted.

9.5.6 No voting interest shall hold or exercise proxies for more than one official voting member in any subcommittee or main committee meeting.

Vote via proxy HERE

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