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Bolted Joint Testing

ASTM International’s composite materials committee (D30) is developing a proposed standard that will help define the test methods and specimens that should be used for bolted joint-related properties. Many composite structures are assembled with mechanically fastened (“bolted”) joints. Structural analysis of these attachments requires a linked set of design properties that are generated by D30 test methods. According to ASTM member Stephen Ward, the new standard will consolidate test specimen design content that is common across several existing committee standards into one guide. 

“This new standard will provide guidance for test requestors to produce test data that can be used for typical bolted joint analyses of composite structures,” says Ward.

Ward notes that the proposed standard (WK83618) will be particularly useful for aerospace engineers who need to design test methods for bolted joint configurations to produce to design data.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Anyone with knowledge of composite material bolted joint specimens and methods is encouraged to contribute to the development of the proposed standard. JOIN ASTM

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