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Pet Product Safety

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) has formed a new group to create and maintain standards for pet products.

The new subcommittee (F15.05) will develop the first international standards for certain common pet products, establishing best practice design safety and helping companies be more consistent in their messaging. The first meeting is scheduled for Dec. 6, 2022, from 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST.

Members of the subcommittee will begin by developing two new standards, a consumer safety specification for dog toys and a test method for pet safety harness restraint systems for vehicle occupant safety.

The subcommittee’s two inaugural co-chairs are ASTM members Brian Grochal from BARK leading the dog toy standard and Keith Anderson from Kurgo Dog Gear leading the pet safety harness standard. According to Grochal and Anderson, the work of the subcommittee intends to address gaps in standards development, considering the prevalence of the activities they cover.

“The global market for pet toys was estimated to be nearly $3 billion in 2021, yet there are zero international standards for this growing category,” notes Grochal. Anderson adds “more than 69 million households in the U.S. have dogs and over 80% of all dog parents drive with them in their vehicles, yet only 16% restrain their dogs in the car.” These standards would be useful to all stakeholders involved in the design, testing, and regulation of dog toys and pet safety harness restraint systems.

The subcommittee is especially interested in participation from manufacturers, retailers, testing labs, veterinary professionals, consultants, and animal rights advocates in its upcoming developments.

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