A Celebration in Full Swing

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A Celebration in Full Swing

It is such a thrilling time to be part of ASTM International. This is a year filled with celebrations and recognitions of ASTM’s journey to 125 years.

I’m excited to share that within the pages of this issue of Standardization News, you’ll find articles on the first two winners of our 125th Anniversary Standards Case Study Contest. Launched in Spring 2022, ASTM technical committees were invited to submit examples of standards that exemplify an above-average impact in improving society. We received nearly 75 submissions from 44 different committees, and eight winning case studies were selected.

In this issue, you can read about two test methods from ASTM’s soil and rock committee (D18) and several standards from the plastics committee (D20) that advance ASTM’s mission of helping our world work better.

Collectively, the eight winning case studies and dozens of other submissions not only showcase the incredible work of our global members, they also drive home the important role that standards play in our society. For 125 years, ASTM has been at the forefront of developing standards that improve the lives of millions every day. Please take a moment to read about several of these standards and keep an eye out for more of the winning case studies in Standardization News throughout the year. 

As we consider the important role that standards play in our society, I’d also like to mention that we recently held the first webinar in our 125th Anniversary Webinar series, “The Value of ASTM International Standards in Today’s Marketplace.” This engaging event featured the unique perspectives of several esteemed members and reinforced for me the many ways our members, committees, and standards positively impact the world around us. If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to watch the webinar recording HERE.

And speaking of the work of our committees, I’m happy to share the positive feedback from our January standards-development meetings. From the cheerful pictures in front of our 125th Anniversary “step and repeat,” to the raucous celebrations of our amusement rides and devices committee, I can confidently say there’s no better atmosphere for standards development than our meetings.

You can read all about the importance of ASTM’s meeting and events HERE. But I’d also encourage you to consider attending upcoming standards-development meetings this Spring in Denver, Colorado, and this Fall in Washington, D.C., in addition to dozens of other meetings around the world. There, you’ll be able to network with key members, take part in our anniversary celebrations firsthand, experience ASTM’s culture, and much more. 

We are just getting started with ASTM’s 125th Anniversary celebrations, but there have already been some great moments and wonderful memories shared. If you have an opportunity, visit go.astm.org/125 to learn more. You can view ASTM’s interactive timeline, look through photo galleries of ASTM moments past and present, sign our digital guestbook, watch congratulatory videos from our partners and peers, purchase anniversary-themed memorabilia, and view upcoming events and activities.

I hope you’ll join us in celebration! 

Katharine E. Morgan
President, ASTM International


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