NextGen: Professor of the Year and Student Chapters

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NextGen: Professor of the Year and Student Chapters

ASTM Seeking Nominations for 2023 Professor of the Year Award

In 2009, ASTM International launched the “Year of the Professor” campaign with the goal of having professors become more aware of teaching students about ASTM standards. That year, ASTM’s Professor of the Year Award was created to reward professors who expose students to standards and encourage the use of standards. Due to the success of the program and outstanding nominations, ASTM will continue to sponsor the Professor of the Year Award.

The award winner will receive an honorarium in the amount of $2,000. In addition, the award winner’s university will also receive an honorarium in the amount of $2,000.

Supporting materials may be received no later than August 31. Contact Travis Murdock, manager, technical committee operations, at or by mail to Travis Murdock, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA, 19428.

The basis of the award shall be:

  • An educator, professor, or teacher at an accredited university must demonstrate use of ASTM standards in the curriculum or the classroom. Universities must be accredited by the responsible regional or national agency.
  • Membership in ASTM International is not required to win the award.
  • No candidate can nominate themselves. They must be nominated by another person.
  • The nominator must have three references. A reference is a person who attests the nominee is a viable candidate.
  • Each reference must fill out and submit a reference form.

The following rules govern the award:

  • A three-person selection committee assigned by ASTM staff with responsibility for Academic Outreach will facilitate the selection of the award winner.
  • It shall be awarded in the odd-numbered years to not more than one person. 
  • ASTM International membership is not required from the nominator, nominee, or references. 
  • A unanimous affirmative vote of the members of the selection committee shall be required to select the recipient of the Award. 
  • All supporting materials must be received by August 31.

Student Chapter at Florida International University

In 2020, ASTM International launched its first student chapter at Florida International University (FIU). Sponsored by the nuclear technology and applications committee (E10), the chapter provides an opportunity for student members to learn about the value of standards and participate in ASTM activities. Led by chapter president Mellissa Komninakis and faculty advisor Joseph Sinicrope, the FIU chapter has had great success transitioning members to ASTM committees and has had three members selected for the Emerging Professional Program. These accomplishments have demonstrated the value of involvement in the student chapter and highlights their continued commitment to shaping and advancing standards in their respective fields.


"As the president of the ASTM student chapter at FIU, I am incredibly proud and excited about the opportunities this chapter brings to its members. Being involved in this chapter means being part of a dynamic community that bridges the gap between academia and the standards industry. As a Ph.D. engineering student and researcher, I am involved in standards on a daily basis, and I have even integrated ASTM standards into my dissertation. It’s an honor to lead a group of talented individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world through standardization. We are excited to continue collaboration with ASTM, industry professionals, and fellow students to drive innovation, raise awareness about this initiative, and create positive change.” 
Mellissa Komninakis
Chapter President


"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the ASTM student chapter at FIU. Being a part of this chapter has opened my eyes to the importance that standards have in my research. It has been an incredible learning experience to observe the standards-development process through active participation in chapter meetings and ASTM committee meetings. This involvement has not only enriched my understanding of the standardization process but has also allowed me to network with professionals in the field. I am proud to be a member of the FIU chapter and look forward to contributing to the advancement of standards in the future.”
Bryan Torres
Chapter Treasurer

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