Subcommittee on UAS Infrastructure

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Subcommittee on UAS Infrastructure

ASTM International’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) committee (F38) has approved a new subcommittee on infrastructure.

The mission of the new subcommittee (F38.04) is to identify, evaluate, and establish best practices for the design, construction, and maintenance of UAS infrastructure. This included landing and takeoff zones, charging and refueling stations, and date communications systems.

"As we embark on this critical venture, we fully recognize the transformative potential that unmanned aircraft systems and advanced air mobility present,” says Jonathan Daniels, ASTM Fellow and newly appointed chair of the subcommittee. “Our commitment extends beyond the realm of UAS to include vital advancements in infrastructure, such as vertiports, which are essential for eVTOL and VTOL-Capable Aircraft (VCA). We're actively shaping a future where these technologies seamlessly, safely, and sustainably meld into our urban landscapes.”

The new subcommittee will collaborate with other F38 subcommittees and external stakeholders to ensure that the infrastructure standards developed are comprehensive, practical, and aligned with current and emerging UAS technologies. The subcommittee is committed to promoting safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the UAS industry by advancing the state-of-the-art in UAS infrastructure. 

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