Low Temperature, High Performance

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Low Temperature, High Performance

ASTM International Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing is developing a standard for two asphalt products that reduce air emissions, save energy and benefit workers by lowering their exposure to asphalt fumes.

The proposed standard (origiinally titled WK45660, Specification for Low Temperature Application Asphalt Used In Roofing) covers asphalt that has significantly lower application temperatures compared to most other asphalts. This lower temperature, in turn, makes it possible to lower the maximum kettle temperature, further increasing the benefits of the asphalt types.

According to ASTM member and Owens Corning consultant Dave Trumbore, in addition to low application temperature, the covered asphalts are high performance and user friendly. Used to make low slope roofs, the asphalts have good aging and high ductility properties.

All interested parties are invited to contribute to the ongoing work on WK45660, which is being developed by Subcommittee D08.03 on Surfacing and Bituminous Materials for Membrane Waterproofing and Built-Up Roofing.

CONTACT Technical Information: Dave Trumbore • tel +1.773.746.7282 | ASTM Staff: Joseph Hugo • tel +1.610.832.9740 | Upcoming Meeting: December 6-9 • December Committee Week • Tampa, Fla.

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