A Key Test for Strength

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A Key Test for Strength

A new ASTM International standard provides an important strength test for fiber-reinforced plastic shapes used in pipelines, cooling towers and other construction projects. Specifically, the standard (E2954, Test Method for Axial Compression Test of Reinforced Plastic and Polymer Matrix Composite Vertical Members) helps determine the strength of square, round and rectangular tubing, I-shapes, channels and other shapes through a short-term load test under normal indoor atmospheric conditions.

According to ASTM member Jay Dorst, FRP is used as an alternative to steel in situations where there is a possibility of corrosion and/or electric conductivity.

Test laboratories will be the primary users of E2954. Designers, manufacturers, consumers and regulatory bodies will use data generated from the test. For example, design professionals will use test results to specify the type, grade and size of an FRP structural member.

The subcommittee that developed the standard (E06.11 on Horizontal and Vertical Structures/Structural Performance of Completed Structures) is performing a repeatability study for this standard. Interested parties are welcome to participate in the study and in other activities of the subcommittee.

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