ASTM International to Host Free Seminar on Sustainability in the Metal Industry

The ASTM International committee on nonferrous metals and alloys (B02) is sponsoring a free seminar on sustainability in the metals industry on May 13 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, Colorado, USA. The seminar will take place in conjunction with the standards development meetings of the committee.

 The one-hour seminar will provide an overview of the ASTM International sustainability committee (E60) and its work to address sustainability issues relevant to the metals industry. Carrie Claytor, an E60 member, will lead the seminar.

 The ASTM International sustainability committee covers environmental, social, economic, and other issues relating to sustainability and sustainable development. Most notably, this includes the acquisition, promotion, and dissemination of knowledge, stimulation of research, and the development of related standards.

 The seminar and the committee meeting are open to anyone. For more information, contact ASTM International staff manager Molly Lynyak (

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