Certification Program for Business Jet Cabin Crews Announced

Today, ASTM International announced a new certification program for business jet cabin crews from the organization’s affiliate, the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT).

The Business Aviation Cabin Crew program, administered by SpaceTEC Partners, Inc., will require candidates to demonstrate knowledge of and skills in aircraft safety procedures and cabin-service safety as well asprofessionalism and discretion. The program aims to ensure the comfort and safety of domestic and international passengers.

“Since I began training cabin crewmembers, there has been an ongoing request from clients for accreditation,” according to Louisa Fisher, program manager of cabin safety with FlightSafety International. “This new programmeets the need for an objective and industry-respected certification that recognizes the trained and experienced cabin crew member.”

“This certification complements formal safety training by demonstrating a crewmember’s knowledge and commitment to their profession, traits that are very attractive to current and prospective employers,” according to Mike Horan, lead safety flight attendant at Altria Corporation. “The certification also serves to create a standard of excellence for professional crewmembers irrespective of: where they received training, size of their flight department, geographical location, or other factors.”

ASTM International and SpaceTEC signed a memorandum of understanding in 2017 aimed at jointly working to help certify aircraft maintenance technicians and other aerospace workers. SpaceTEC administers performance-based certifications for civilian and military aerospace technicians.

For more information on the program, fill out this form.

Separately, the existing Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification, also from NCATT/SpaceTEC is expected to be renewed in the coming months. ASTM International’s committee on aerospace personnel (F46) develops and maintains internationally accepted standards and guidance materials for aerospace personnel education, qualification, testing, certification requirements, and continued education.

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