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Exo Technology Center of Excellence Publishes Second Annual Report

ASTM International’s Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) has published its second annual report, overviewing the organization’s vision, team, partnerships, acceleration projects, accomplishments, and key metrics.

The ET CoE annual report provides information on the diverse partner organizations and detailed descriptions of seven research-to-standards projects currently underway. In addition, the report highlights various significant training, education, and workforce development activities that took place over the past year. 

“The Center is fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented partners that work 
with us to help address the most pressing needs of the global exoskeleton community,” notes William Billotte, Ph.D., ASTM’s director of global exo technology programs. “Our combined efforts are propelling us toward a future where every person, no matter their age or abilities, can lead a high quality of life and fully participate in work and society thanks to safe, reliable, and effective exoskeletons.”

Established in 2019, ASTM’s Center of Excellence in Exo Technology (ET CoE) focuses on accelerating exo standards through research, education, workforce development, training, certifications, and connecting global exo communities.

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ASTM Global Cooperation Manager Participates in U.N. General Assembly Briefing

On April 12, Emmanuel Escoto, ASTM’s global cooperation manager, international engagement, presented comments during the U.N. General Assembly Briefing on science-based evidence in support of sustainable solutions. Escoto presented during the Briefing’s Panel on “Scientific Support System at the UN: A new science-based normal’?”

Escoto spoke about the international implementation of ASTM plastics standards; how ASTM standards and partnerships economically and efficiently facilitate science-based, practical, and sustainable solutions to support transitioning economies and the SDGs; and called out the recently published case study, titled: “Utilizing Standards to Effectively Support National Requirements for Biodegradability and Compostability.” Escoto also highlighted the technical assistance that ASTM provides to the 123 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) partners, 93 of whom are members of the U.N. Group of G77+China.

At the end of the briefing, Escoto had the opportunity to meet Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, President of the General Assembly, and Mr. Xolisa Mabhongo, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Mission of the Republic of South Africa to the United Nations. Both were provided further information about ASTM International and the MoU program.

ASTM Partners with Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint

ASTM International announced its formal partnership with the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (also known as the Lead Paint Alliance), jointly led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Alliance seeks to promote a phase-out of the manufacture and sale of paints containing lead, and eventually eliminate the risk that such paints pose.

This partnership announcement comes after years of cooperation between ASTM International and the Lead Paint Alliance. This collaborative work has included a wide variety of engagement, from broad circulation of knowledge on paint testing and analysis, to technical standard development by ASTM’s paint and related coatings, materials, and applications committee (D01), its sampling and analysis of lead for exposure and risk assessment subcommittee (D22.12), and others.

“Too many people across the globe still face significant health risks from lead exposure, especially children who are the most vulnerable among us,” notes Jane Nishida, Assistant Administrator, Office of International and Tribal Affairs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “That’s why the EPA, as Chair of the Lead Paint Alliance, is proud to work with ASTM International to reduce these exposures.”

Nishida notes that ASTM’s position as a standards-development organization will make for a valuable partnership.

“As the first standards body to join the Alliance, ASTM International brings important expertise and information on standards and testing for detecting lead in paint,” said Nishida. This expertise will help support Alliance collaboration with developing countries to establish and implement legal limits on lead in paint that are protective of human health and the environment.”

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Wohlers Report 2023 Unveils Continued Double-Digit Growth

Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, has published Wohlers Report 2023. This year’s report takes a deep dive into the growth of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, with insights from 10 industry sectors. New content includes an examination of large format AM applications, including aerospace and construction, as well as a look at the growing number of AM standards and codes.

“The AM industry is continuing to expand into end-use production applications,” said Terry Wohlers, head of advisory services and market intelligence at Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International. “This trend will grow as standards are further developed and adopted. AM is delivering larger and more critical parts across multiple industry sectors.”

Wohlers Report 2023 shows an overall worldwide growth in AM products and services of 18.3%, continuing a trend of double-digit AM industry revenue growth in 25 of the past 34 years. 

This year’s report also features intelligence from industry experts in 35 countries, with expanded coverage of Argentina, the Czech Republic, and Greece. Research and development activities are covered in detail, and the following new topics are initially explored in this issue:

  • Recycling and the circular economy;
  • Point-of-care additive manufacturing in healthcare;
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with metal binder jetting;
  • Attracting younger workforce into additive manufacturing; and
  • Expanded discussion of investments and startups.

An expanded section offers insights on the future of AM, including thoughts on automated production, emerging applications, workforce development, and more. Input on the report was gathered from 119 service providers, 128 manufacturers of additive manufacturing systems, and 28 producers of third-party materials. Wohlers Report 2023 draws on the expertise of a worldwide network of experts as well as nearly three decades of data and market intelligence, creating a thorough picture of AM activity across the globe.

Wohlers Report 2023 is a tool for education and information as well as a barometer of the AM industry’s health and growth. Readers new to AM will gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and technology, while AM veterans will benefit from the up-to-date information on  growth, trends, and the latest and most important developments.

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Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Announces New Members of Key Consortium

ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) has announced new members joining to its Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization (CMDS) program.

The new members joining the 21 founding members announced last year include:

  • ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory
  • DSH Technologies
  • Dyndrite Corporation
  • Elnik Systems
  • Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group (MTDG)
  • Plastometrex
  • Sandvik Additive Manufacturing
  • SLM Solutions Group AG
  • Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM)

Members now also participate in multiple active workstreams. Two of these are “Process” workstreams, one focused on laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB) and the other focused on binder jetting (BJT). These workstreams focus on defining and executing projects to generate high-pedigree AM materials data of interest.

CMDS has also recently launched its “Data” workstream, which supports the Process workstreams by bringing a core team of experts together to create solutions that maximize efficiency of the data workflows and pedegree, from acquisition to management to analytics and learning. This work will lead to data standards needed to realize the full value of the digital thread throughout the AM value stream.

As the CMDS program continues to grow, member recruitment is now branching out from the initial focus on aerospace and defense to add members from energy, oil and gas, transportation and medical industries. Each year, under the direction of the members and in coordination with key agencies, the CMDS will select materials and application specific properties (e.g., static, cyclic, thermal) of interest, conducting various projects that ultimately support the development of datasets and standards.

While members retain exclusive use of the full datasets to support their business, the knowledge gained will maximize AM adoption, inform new AM standards and specifications, and drive consistency through data across the industry. As part of the growth and expansion of the consortium, Richard Huff, who currently serves as Additive Manufacturing Business Development Manager, will be promoted to director of industry consortium and partnerships.

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The spirit of ASTM founder Charles Dudley (far right) was proud to see staff manager W. Scott Orthey and members of the sensory evaluation committee (E18) celebrate ASTM International’s 125th Anniversary at April Committee Week in Denver. 


James Olshefksy (front, third from left), ASTM’s director of external relations, spoke to distinguished members of the Arab High Committee for Standardization (AIDSMO) in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, on March 15. The event was the 58th meeting of AIDSMO and brought together standards development professionals from across the globe. A video about ASTM International’s 125th anniversary was shown. H.E. Eng. Adel Saqer Al-Saqer, the head of AIDSMO, presented Olshefsky with a gift, along with a cake to help celebrate the anniversary.

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