Outreach: Committee Weeks in Washington, D.C.

Above: A global panel of standards experts discussed “Standards and Collaboration around the Globe,” hosted by Taco van der Maten (standing), the 2019 chairman of the board, at the November committee week. Panelists included (seated, from left) Felipe Calvo Villalobos (Costa Rica), Adel Al-Qhtani (Gulf region), and Fulgence St. Prix (Caribbean region).

This past fall, thousands of ASTM International members traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend three committee weeks in October, November, and December. These meetings provided a unique opportunity to engage with representatives from government agencies, trade associations, and more while also working to create and update standards.

Members of the ASTM International committees on general aviation aircraft (F44) light sport aircraft (F37) and NASA held the Advanced Aircraft Technology Certification Workshop during the October committee week.


Members of the ASTM International committees on homeland security applications (E54) and security systems and equipment (F12) held a joint workshop, Setting Standards and Promoting Security Initiatives: How ASTM Can Help Bridge Security Divides in America, at the October committee week.


Members of the ASTM International committee on thermal insulation (C16) visited the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology during the October committee week.


Dale Bohn, 2018 chairman of the ASTM International board, spoke with a group of emerging professionals during November committee week. The Emerging Professionals program educates new members about the ASTM International process and more.


“The Role of Voluntary Consensus Standards in the Changing Global Regulatory Landscape for Medical Devices” was a panel discussion conducted by members of ASTM International’s committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) during the November committee week. Panelists included (from left):  S. Raymond Golish, M.D., Ph.D.; Jamie Wolszon; Joseph Lewelling; Gail Rodriguez; and ASTM’s vice president of global policy and communications, Jeff Grove.


ASTM International staff members were on hand to discuss the ways that ASTM International’s Washington, D.C., office helps advance ASTM’s mission, the variety of global opportunities ASTM has to offer, and more.  Pictured: Mary Mikolajewski, staff manager (left), and Dan Bergels, public relations manager.  

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