SpaceTEC to Partner with ASTM on Aviation Worker Certification

ASTM International and SpaceTEC Partners, Inc., two leading organizations in aerospace and aviation, will jointly work to help certify aircraft maintenance technicians and other aerospace workers through a new memorandum of understanding. The MOU was recently signed at ASTM International’s global headquarters by SPI’s executive director, Steve Kane, and ASTM International president, Katharine Morgan.

“The need for high-quality standards that help train workers in this dynamic global industry is clear,” said Morgan.“This is a smart partnership that will help address this pressing societal need.” Two years ago, ASTM International launched a committee on aerospace personnel (F46) to develop such standards. This effort grew out of its affiliation with the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT).

Moving forward, SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. will administer NCATT certification, and ASTM International members will develop related standards in the committee. These two organizations partnering provide a stronger framework to ensure the continued success and growth of the programs.

“As the global aviation industry grows and innovates in coming years, its workers must be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need,” said Kane. “We’re thrilled to be working with the top global standards organization in this field to help realize that vision.”

SpaceTEC administers performance-based certifications for civilian and military aerospace technicians. Its Certified Aerospace Technician certification is endorsed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation.

ASTM International’s committee on aerospace personnel develops and maintains internationally accepted standards and guidance materials for aerospace personnel education, qualification, testing, certification requirements, and continued education.

Initial strategic discussions are slated on the agenda of the next F46 meeting taking place in Boston on June 27th and 28th. Interested stakeholders are welcome to attend the meeting to take part in this important effort.

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