A Season of Standards

Nothing says fall like standards for safety.
Katharine Morgan

Many upcoming events this fall have me thinking about safety. ASTM International’s Board of Directors meeting in San Francisco, the fall standards development meetings in New Orleans and Orlando, seasonal activities and sports, even children returning to school for many of us – all highlight the important role ASTM standards play in our daily lives.

If I were to try and count the standards directly related to travel alone, I’m sure I’d be into the hundreds before long. From standards for aviation, road and paving materials, car tires, and many others, I know we’ll be traveling in good hands thanks to the hard work of our members, who develop and maintain the ASTM standards that help keep us safe while reaching our destination.

In this current day and age, safety also reminds me of the important work of ASTM’s personal protective clothing and equipment committee (F23) and the organization’s broad PPE efforts over the past few years.

For more on the work of the committee, read “Standards Behind the Mask” on the role of standards and the issues surrounding PPE. And if you’re interested in learning more about the broad work of ASTM’s Global Collaboration Forum for PPE, I encourage you to read “A Forum to Promote PPE Around the Globe.”

It’s also that time of year, especially near our global headquarters, where children are returning to school. While at one time this would make me think about the busy few weeks stocking up on school supplies, it now reminds me of the many ways ASTM standards make an impact in school safety, including in art supplies, backpacks, and playgrounds. If you are interested in learning more about the impact of standards in schools, I’d recommend reading “10 Standards for Back to School."

Additionally, there are so many wonderful ways that standards promote safety within beloved fall activities, including children’s Halloween costumes, hayride attractions, camping tents and sleeping mats, and hunting saddles.

And finally, I think of the many different standards at play helping to ensure safety within fall sports, including soccer and women’s lacrosse headgear, athletic mouth protectors, running shoes, synthetic turf and playing surfaces, and so much more.

I have little doubt I could make a robust case for the broad use of standards across each season. However, when I think of fall and the activities of the next few months, I think of ASTM International safety standards and the spirited work of our members around the globe who develop and maintain them.

Katharine E. Morgan
President, ASTM International

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