A Fond Farewell

A Note from the Communications Department on the Retirement of Our Dear Colleague, Maryann Gorman


Above: Inspired by an iconic Seinfeld cast photo, the cast of ASTM International’s Communications Department nails it… almost. From left: Associate Editor Cicely Enright, Digital Engagement Manager Chris Davis, Maryann Gorman, News Editor/Writer Rich Wilhelm, Public Relations Manager Dan Bergels, and Director Nate Osburn.

It is extremely difficult to turn highly technical concepts from 30,000 engineers and other experts from nearly every industry into compelling stories that leap off the page. That’s exactly what Maryann Gorman has done for two decades as the editor-in-chief of Standardization News.

On the occasion of her retirement at the end of January, we’d like to reflect on the positive societal impact of her expertise in writing and editing.

Starting in 1990, when she first joined the magazine’s staff, Maryann began capturing how standards have provided the foundation for growth and innovation across dozens of industries, from traditional powerhouses like infrastructure and metals… to emerging areas such as 3D printing and robotics… to consumer product safety standards for toys, furniture, and much more.

Maryann has come to work every day with a mission of translating news about the world’s most respected technical standards into clear and powerful prose. Her writing – and her editing of the staff and freelancers she has worked with — has illuminated standardization and empowered our members, partners, and the public at-large in countless ways. 

In short, she has opened our eyes to see standards everywhere, equipping all of us to become standards storytellers in our own right.

In addition, Maryann has been an innovator in making sure those stories reach as far as possible, embracing digital platforms for hosting and amplifying this content to readers worldwide. Since 2015 alone, Standardization News traffic online has tripled to roughly 160,000 pageviews a year.

Given these accomplishments, it was no surprise that the magazine won the top journalism award from the American National Standards Institute in 2016.

Maryann has always been urging us forward and has been a pleasure to work with. 

She has embraced challenges and inspired others to do the same.  She has fostered a culture of kindness and collegiality. And she has always been ready to share a meal and a laugh.

Because of what she has accomplished, and who she is, we will miss her as she retires and begins new adventures. But we wish her a fond farewell — and look forward to seeing her on occasion in the future.


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