Architectural Mockup Programs

A new ASTM International standard will help architects who are designing mockup structures used to prepare for the construction of a new building. ASTM’s committee on performance of buildings (E06) developed the standard, which will soon be approved as E3223.

ASTM International member Eric Peterson notes that when new buildings are constructed, especially large complex buildings with intricate facades, architects will build a mockup that simulates a portion of the façade and components for the new building. 

“This mockup not only permits the architect to visualize what the final building façade will look like, it permits an opportunity to work through challenging details, evaluate interfacing conditions and perform testing the building façade before it is constructed on the building,” says Peterson, a principal at WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers. “This standard provides valuable information to the specifier for the development of the mockup program including best practices for the design, construction, and testing of these systems.”

According to Peterson, the new standard will be primarily useful to architects, but that it will also contain information that will be valuable for entire construction teams, including owners, constructors, and testing agencies.

Peterson says the committee invites interested parties to participate in the development of future revisions to the new standard since there is a wide variety of experiences with mockup construction.  

“We are soliciting feedback from all who are interested but are particularly interested in feedback from practicing architects for how user-friendly the standard is and what we could do to improve its use in the industry,” says Peterson. 

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