Asset-Management Career Development

ASTM International’s asset management committee (E53) has approved a new standard with guiding principles for creating an asset management career development program (soon to be published as E3140). According to committee members, the standard outlines the education, training, and experience needed to support the mission and objectives of an entity’s asset-management operations.

“We needed a common framework to provide a career path for professionals in this field,” said Kim Doner, a committee member and technical lead for the new standard who is senior manager at Grant Leading Technology, LLC.  “This new standard could go a long way in helping professionals grow in knowledge and competency while also increasing the quality and reliability of the work they do.” 

She adds that the standard could encourage broader and higher-level thinking by practitioners, reinforce the use of innovative and cost-effective practices, create greater commonality between government and industry practice, and increase the ability of entities to respond to changing needs and business conditions.

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