Aviation Fuels Training and Meeting in Lima

ASTM International’s committee on petroleum and lubricants (D02) is now developing a full program of events for its Aviation Fuels Week in Lima, Peru, April 23-26. In addition to a training course on aviation fuels, meetings of the subcommittee on aviation fuels (D02.J) will now include:

  • Critical technical discussions on ballot items,
  • Overviews of the history and importance of developing uniform international standards for jet fuels,
  • A review of a decade of advancements in making synthetic jet kerosene a viable source of jet fuel, and
  • Discussions by the region’s experts focusing on issues and concerns specific to aviation fuels in the Latin American market.
  • Executive Keynote address from Onofre Andrade, Boeing Research and Technology (Brazil), examining the growing role of biofuel development in Latin America and the impact of regulations on usage in the aviation fuel industry.

The week will begin with the popular two-day training course on aviation fuels at EnginZone in Lima on April 23-24.

The course, “Aviation Fuels: Specifications and Test Methods,” focuses on how technical standards help control the quality of aviation fuels and why they affect product performance and availability. The training course is $895 USD, while the D02.J meeting, open to those interested in developing standards, is free.

In addition to technical committee meetings, ASTM International will be reaching out to regional memorandum of understanding (MOU) partners and interested organizations. For example, ASTM staff will meet with members from Peruvian national standards body, Instituto Nacional de Calidad (INACAL), to provide training focused on ASTM standards development procedures.

The ASTM International Spanish Standards Petroleum Collection recently expanded its translated standards to now include several of the most-used laboratory test methods covering physical, analytical, and elemental chemistry, as well as chromatography and engine methods. Laboratories in Spanish-speaking countries can rely on this standards collection to ensure quality assurance at all their facilities. To access the collection, click here.

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