Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems

ASTM International’s roofing and waterproofing committee (D08) has approved a new standard that provides guidelines and limitations for below-grade foundation waterproofing systems.

The new standard (D8425) specifically covers applications of sodium bentonite needle-punched geotextile waterproofing systems.

According to ASTM member Stacy Byrd, the standard provides general installation instructions for architects and consulting engineers to consider when developing project drawings and specifications. Until now, there have been no ASTM standards covering this type of below-ground waterproofing systems.

“It has been important to draft and finalize a standard for needle-punched sodium bentonite geotextile waterproofing systems because they have been in commercial use for 30 years and there are now multiple manufacturers that produce and market this material type of waterproofing,” says Byrd. “The new standard will aid users with general installation, application, material limitations, and site conditions to consider when specifying this type of waterproofing.”

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