Beneficial Use of Stored Coal Combustion Products

A new ASTM International standard aims to provide a framework for harvesting stored coal combustion products for beneficial use.

CCPs are co-products produced from energy generation at coal-fired facilities. CCPs can yield physical and chemical properties that allow for their use as an ingredient in a variety of projects, including concrete, wallboard, and other construction material and building product applications.

“The new standard can provide the industry with a safe and responsible way to economically manage CCPs while promoting conservation, beneficial use and meeting sustainability goals,” according to Dr. Ivan Diaz, director of research with Boral Resources, and ASTM International member. “In addition, the guide identifies potential beneficial uses of harvested CCPs.”

Dr. Diaz noted that the standard will provide guidance related to harvesting CCPs for beneficial use, including planning and scoping of projects as well as detailed characterization and design guidance for active and inactive storage areas.

Utility companies, CCP marketers, environmental professionals, regulators, and environmental agencies could all find the standard useful. The standard, soon to be published as E3183, was created by the ASTM International committee on environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action (E50).

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