Biomedical Nanomaterials Measurement

A new ASTM International standard test method will support the measurement of nanoparticle-based products used in a wide range of applications from cancer therapy to antibacterial coatings in textiles. ASTM’s nanotechnology committee (E56) developed the new standard, which was recently published as E3247.

According to ASTM International subcommittee co-chair Vince Hackley, the standard will be used to accurately measure the size of specially-engineered particles that exist at the smallest scales, similar in dimension to viruses and proteins.

“This new standard addresses the concerns of one of the most commonly-used particle sizing techniques, dynamic light scattering (DLS),” says Hackley, research chemist, National Institute of Standards and Technology. “The standard provides procedures and defines limitations for DLS.”

Hackley notes that regulatory agencies, the biomedical industry, nanomaterial producers, analytical service providers, and nanotechnology researchers will be the primary users of the new standard.

Industry will also be able to use the new standard for quality control and performance verification. 

Hackley notes that all stakeholders interested in contributing to the development of high quality standards for the physical and chemical characterization of nanomaterials are welcome to join the subcommittee (E56.02) that developed E3247.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member of ASTM

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